20+ Homes and they are all full!


There is a national movement among balloon artists to “Adopt a Grandparent,” When we heard about the  “Adopt a Grandparent” campaign, we had to get involved!

So we will be partnering with nursing homes and sending a Balloon Buddy to residents for Valentine’s Day!!!  We want to spread as much warmth and love to our local senior citizens as possible!!! Our goal is to get people to sponsor Balloon Buddies for each resident until the home is full.

Each Balloon Buddy is $10.

We hope to be able to reach as many local Homes as possible and fill them all with smiles! So many of our elderly loved ones have had little to no contact due to covid and we all know what that has done to us, one can only imagine what they are going through!

You can have one delivered wherever you would like.  Delivery to participating locations is free, all others, delivery fees may apply.

All balloon Buddies will be delivered Friday, Saturday, or Sunday,

Valentine's weekend. (Based on what the locations would prefer)


Payments are needed before deliveries are made.

Balloon Buddy

For any other questions or inquiries click below to contact us.